Saturday, April 7, 2012

And the rooftops are falling apart like the applause...

Being a devotee of the Tomboy Style blog, I had to immediately get my hands on the new tie-in book by Lizzie Garrett, Tomboy Style: Beyond the Boundaries of Fashion. The photos it contains are compelling, gorgeous, and full-page, including a photo I've never seen before of Chan Marshall (Cat Power), a young Julie Delpy totally at ease in her own skin, Janelle Monae, Tilda Swinton, and Maria Munoz. I am sure I will page through the book often for inspiration. I like how so much of it is about spirit as well, and attitude.

Two things though--

I wish they'd identified ALL of the women in the photos, or at least the famous ones. You can turn to the back and suss some of them out from the photography credits, and others have identifying blurbs, but not all of them! I sort of want to look up all these different women. The book made me curious about their lives. You will likely recognize some or many of them, as I did, but I wish they'd all been named in the pages of the book 'cause I'm lazy.

Also, diversity? Where are all the women of color? Certainly it just wasn't white women who were tomboys throughout history.

Another book I recently bought was Selected Poems (of) Frank O'Hara. I am always in the mood for his poetry when Mad Men starts airing. I'm still working my way through it but I'm particularly stuck on the poem 'Homosexuality' (It's a summer day,/and I want to be wanted more than anything else in the world) and 'Ais Einem April' (And the rooftops are falling apart like the applause). Yes yes yes.

Some awful and stressful things have happened to me recently but I want to try and find my 'inner peace' by writing more consistently. Oh blog, you will become a regular habit. Another thing I noticed throughout all this is how I seem to be maturing in spite of myself. I feel so much more at ease with myself these days, even as other people seem to want to underestimate me. They can only do this if I let them, so I'm planning big things.

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