Sunday, January 22, 2012

you lost your focus but I got a plan for it

If you're like me and you save your homework until Sunday night (even now that I'm in grad school I do this), procrastinate a little more and listen to my favorite release in 2012 so far: Chairlift's Something. You might be familiar with the single "Bruises" off of their first album--it was in an Apple commercial--but the songs on this sophomore effort are even better. Caroline Polachek and fellow bandmate Patrick Wimberly mine the 1980s in a completely unselfconscious way and come up with track after track of languid pop. Polachek delivers her vocals just above a whisper, sometimes dryly, sometimes sweetly.

You can stream the album in full here (tracklisting) or catch the interesting music video for single "Amanaemonesia", below:

I caught Chairlift live last year when they were opening for James Blake at the Trocadero Theater in October. The result was a full-on Caroline Polachek obsession.

by Drew Innis, July 2010

While we're at it, bonus Joanna Newsom and Fleet Foxes live on Austin City Limits.

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