Sunday, February 12, 2012

the view from here right now

I'm always semi-anxiously self-reflecting when it comes to my writing. Sometimes it lends a silly self-conscious effort to even the most casual of blogging. The thing is, I believe, blogging should be fun. If you're not having fun or you don't have the time, don't. But I still want to change the words to picture ratio on my blog. I know a lot of blogs that talk about style are like 80% photo 20% words but I'm much more of a writer than a photographer. It is just too weird for me to make a post that is mostly pictures.

Some goals:

1) To write at greater length, find the time I need. I would like to talk more about books and publishing, and expand my music coverage. For a little while, I was writing a lot about music but I found it didn't come naturally to me so I stopped. Why though, if I enjoy it?

2) Get personal! I would like to take more photos of myself, especially w/regards to personal style. I'm still a little camera-shy by habit.

I will find someone who is better at taking photos to take them for me.

3) Cover some thrifting and vintage shopping trips! I have to remember to bring my camera with me. I'd also like to do a feature on local boutiques and maybe jewelry designers as well. I'd at least love to chat with Smak Parlor and Astro Vintage for this blog.

4) Be less lazy about reaching out to my favorite bloggers. I read a lot of blogs but rarely leave comments.

5) Stop clumping my posts on the weekends!

6) Invite some friends to guest blog. I love dragging my friends into my projects!

7) Maybe take a photography class, or a few lessons.

I had a strangely anxious past two weeks which has recently culminated in a kind of illness, but I've now entered a kind of zen and hopeful state. Every couple of months or so I get into a state where I want to start new projects, but now I'm taking advantage of my current mood to follow through on ones I've already started. Er, like this blog. I will keep tweaking as I go along. That's the good thing about instant self-publishing via the Internet.

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  1. HI BRITT this is sarah creeping. anyways, i really do love your blog! but yeah i miss your music & book posts! i'm excited about all the stuff you're going to post, though :)